KYB is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of shock absorbers, supplying around 50 million original equipment shocks annually to world leading vehicle manufacturers. Today, one in two cars in Japan, and 1 in 5 passenger and light commercial vehicles in the world are leaving the production line fitted with KYB shock absorbers.


KYB Shock Absorbers also manufactures a range of original equipment heavy commercial shock absorbers for leading Japanese brands.

KYB responds to a broad range of car suspension needs with the advanced technologies only a manufacturer specialising in shock absorbers can provide. Performance upgrade shock absorbers are specifically engineered to guarantee superior handling and stability under extreme driving conditions.




New SR Special

RS Ultra

RS Pro

New SR Special

The New SR SPECIAL offers improved damping characteristics while ensuring the quality, structural reliability and safety of a genuine shock absorber. It not only improves straight-line stability but also boosts your car stability and compliance in the corners. Furthermore, the New SR SPECIAL significantly improves the “brake effect”. In fact, the New SR SPECIAL is a formidable weapon, delivering a comprehensive enhancement of the basic “Run”, “Turn” and “Stop” performance in any car.


KYB suspension tuning experts perform full vehicle testing for New SR SPECIAL shock absorbers and determine the optimal suspension characteristics for different car models.


We also make change(s) to the specifications of the original shock absorbers, such as increasing the cylinder diameter, if such change(s) are possible to make and are considered necessary for performance purposes.

RS Ultra

The KYB RS Ultra is the latest in shock absorber technology, designed to suit the very rough of road conditions. It’s ride and handling is superb and you are assured of a comfortable ride even in the toughest of terrains. When it is in braking mode, it reduces nose diving thus eliminating pitch and roll.


The KYB RS Ultra is made of hardened chrome with various diameter piston rod which results in superior strength. This in turn, Maximizes Performance under extreme conditions.


The KYB RS Ultra is micro smooth in its function and with its hardened chrome piston rods, it provides longer seal life thus its reliability surpasses expectations. It’s sintered iron pistons and guide rods, further extends its durability. It’s self sealed packing keeps oils in and contaminants out while it’s seamless cylinders and eye rings eliminate weak points and seam failures thus ensuring durability, reliability and optimum performance.

RS Pro

KYB RS PRO is the latest product from KYB. KYB RS PRO performance suspension is one of the best products that has ever been produced and with its latest technology it suits today’s demand in driving pleasure. KYB definition of PRO is Precision, Responsiveness and Originality.


P for Precision. The engineering of KYB RS PRO is precise without compromising on quality. It has a high sensitive valving system which comprises of three stage compression valve which is self adjusting with full double action for fast recovery. This latest technology is built to perfection and refinement.


R is for Responsiveness. KYB RS PRO is tailored made to react to each individual’s driving style. It is built to drive one’s passion to make it a pleasant and comfortable ride.


O stands for Originality. KYB RS PRO performance suspension uses KYB original patented damper oil to cool and disperse heat. It is made to withstand all weather conditions to ensure you have a trouble free ride.